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Reconnect With a Destination Family Reunion: Helpful Planning Tips

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Life obligations sometimes have a way of sending families in all sorts of different directions. With more demands at work and personal commitments, it can be hard for families, even those members in the same city, to spend quality time together. 

A family reunion offers a great way to connect, but a destination reunion provides an opportunity to rekindle relationships against the backdrop of an awesome vacation. If you're looking to reconnect with your family, here are some tips to assist you with planning a destination family reunion.
Set up a Social Media Account
Is your family tech-savvy? With a large number of people using one or more social media platforms regularly, you can simplify and organize your reunion efforts with a social media account. Outlets like Facebook allow users to create private clubs where you can control who has access to the information on the page, to keep everything in the family. 

From getting the word out about essential deadlines to answering questions about trip concerns, this account will serve as a virtual command center. 

Take a Vote
The best family reunions are those that involve as many family members as possible. To ensure a high turnout for your destination reunion, take a vote among family members to see which locations the majority of the group is interested in visiting. 

To make this process easier, narrow down the voting options to around five potential places for family members to choose from. You should be able to use your social media account to set up a poll. 

Charter a Bus
The cost of air travel seems to be on a never-ending incline. Air travel is also impersonal, tiresome and at times inconvenient. Bus charters are the opposite and serve as an excellent mode of transportation for the entire family. 
With a bus charter, there is no need to worry about keeping the family together on a busy highway since you'll all be housed under one roof. A bus charter also allows you to spend more quality time with one another. 
When you arrive at your destination, the bus charter will serve as your primary mode of transportation, which keeps you from looking for parking or fighting traffic. 

Seek Out Discounts
Make sure you look at group discounts when making lodging and attraction plans for your destination family union. Many hotel chains offer discounted rates for parties that block off a certain number of rooms, such as ten. 
Some of these properties will also provide hospitality suites or other amenities at no additional charge depending on how many rooms you book. The same is true for some amusement parks, theaters, and other entertainment options. When making your reservations always remember to inquire about group rates. 

Create a Local Itinerary
When it comes to making your reunion memorable, it is all about creating moments that the family will never forget. A part of accomplishing this is enjoying activities that you would have likely not otherwise. 
When planning the itinerary, think local, and avoid doing activities that you would typically enjoy at home. For example, for a Washington, D.C. reunion, a day at one of the Smithsonian museums, a tour of the U.S. capital, or a picnic at the Lincoln memorial all provide unique adventures that everyone will enjoy and remember. 
Once you're sitting back enjoying the sights with your family, all your hard work will be well worth it. At Jean's Bus Service Inc, we like to see families connect, and we are more than happy to serve as bus charter for your group. Contact us to learn about our charter options.