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Vacationing In Unpredictable Weather? 5 Ways to Keep the Fun Going

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Traveling in winter carries the ever-present possibility of bad weather. No one can control the weather, but you don't want your big vacation ruined either. The best solution for savvy winter travelers is to plan ahead to work with — rather than ignore — the likelihood of bad weather. 

How can you do that? Here are five tricks travel pros use to make the best of any unexpected weather problems.

1. Pack for the Possibility

Planning for bad weather begins long before you see the weather report. Prepare clothes, shoes, and accessories with the possibility of rain or snow in mind.

Layering, for instance, is great for unpredictable weather. This allows you to pack smaller clothing — like cardigan sweaters, tights, and fun scarves — and still stay dry. Choose a good jacket with a hood and a zip-in liner. And make sure you have a pair of good winter boots so your feet stay high and dry. 

2. Make an Indoor Options List

Just about any big tourist destination has a variety of things you can do both indoors and outside.

Going to Washington, D.C, for instance? The Smithsonian museums provide at least a full day of entertainment and are all within just a short walk from each other on the National Mall. In fact, your group has access to a myriad of interesting museums in the D.C. area. Check out the Newseum, Spy Museum, or the National Portrait Gallery.

Not into museums? Consider options like seeing a play, doing some window shopping, or enjoying a relaxing spa day. Whatever your indoor interests are, preparing a list in advance means you can adjust plans at the drop of a hat (or the drop of a snowflake!) without missing anything. 

3. Be Flexible

If bad weather is on the horizon, you need to be flexible to handle it best. Your group may need to make last-minute decisions about destinations for the next day or even the rest of the day when the weather changes. Talk to group members about the need to be flexible on some days, but assure them that the group will do its best to make sure everyone's interests are met. 

4. Build Time Buffers

Traveling in the winter is not a time to try to squeeze everything into the shortest possible vacation. You simply have too many ways you can get delayed. Instead, build a little wiggle room into your plans.

Start by including extra time when actually traveling — with travel on the roads and by air — in case of weather delays. Expect to spend a little more time than planned getting around the city when roads are wet, snowy, or icy. 

Planning buffers of time into your schedule means you won't get behind when things don't go as planned. If you do arrive or depart sooner than expected, use the extra time for a surprise. Hit a local pub, stop at a less famous monument, or plan a group cocktail hour.

5. Keep Your Sense of Humor

Finally, don't let the bad weather get you down. Winter vacations have many positive aspects. Crowds will be smaller and lines will be shorter. You'll often see a different side of the city or tourist spot and may even meet more locals. You'll have great stories to tell. And your photos will be funnier and more memorable. 

Have a group meeting in advance to discuss bad weather options and plans to manage your time the best. Encourage everyone to keep a positive attitude and have fun together with whatever comes your way. 

Ready to start planning your winter travel? Begin by discussing your plans and concerns with the travel experts at Jean's Bus Service, Inc., today. We have experience with all types of weather and can help you create the getaway of your dreams, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.